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Free translation resources and online tools:

Multilingual dictionaries: –¬†Over 7500 online bilingual and multilingual dictionaries. – Translate 26,434,049 words in 2,162 dictionaries. – 11 Dictionaries and 7 translators. – 14 supported languages. – Free dictionaries project! – Oxford Dictionaries. – Open source dictionary. – Online dictionaries, maps and documents.

By language:

Afrikaans to English – free dictionary by Majstro
Albanian to English – Unique Albanian tool
Amharic to English – free Amharic translation tool.
Arabic to English – this dictionary work in two ways.
Armenian to English – first Armenian dictionary and some other tools.
Azerbaijani to English – translate Azeri language free.
Bajan to English – Bajan instruments.
Basque to English – by project babel.
Bengali to English – another good Bengali dictionary.
Bislama to English – easy online tool to translate on Bislama.
Breton to English – Breton dictionary with many features.
Bulgarian to English – Best Bulgarian dictionary free.
Burmese to English – Translate Burmese with definition.
Catalan to English – This tool don`t work most of the times.
Cebuano to English – Cebuano dictionary for free.
Chamorro to English – Learn Chamorro with this dictionary.
Chinese to English – Standard Chinese dictionary.
Comorian to English – Another good tool with cool features.
Coptic to English – Learn Coptic with this tool.
Croatian to English – Easy Croatian translator.
Grenadian to English – Grenadian glossary.
Jamaican to English – Jamaican free language lessons and dictionaries.
Esperanto to English – Esperanto pdf and online dictionary.
Estonian to English – Estonian for kids.
Haitian to English – Free Haitian dictionary.
Seselwa to English – Learn more about Seselwa language.
Faroese to English – Good tool for translation.
Finnish to English – Translate Finnish for free.
French to English – If you want to learn French, this tool will help you.
Danish to English – Good Danish glossary.
Dutch to English – Not so good Dutch dictionary.
Galician to English – Contains most of the Galician words.
Georgian to English – Georgian dictionary with huge database.
German to English – Translate German to English for free.
Greek to English – Supports only Greek simplified.
Gujarati to English – The only dictionary for Gujarati I can find on the net.
Hawaiian to English – Old Hawaiian glossary.
Hebrew to English – First dictionary for Hebrew.
Hindi to English – Most popular Hindi to English dictionary.
Hungarian to English – Quality tool for Hungarian language.
Icelandic to English – Simple Icelandic to English dictionary.
Indonesian to English – Free Indonesian dictionary online.
Inuktitut to English – The best Inuktitut still working dictionary.
Italian to English – Old Italian glossary with many features.
Japanese to English – Japanese to English translator.
Kannada to English – English to Kannada and Kannada to English dictionary.
Kazakh to English – Kazakh and English translator.
Khmer to English – Easy tool to translate Khmer.
Kinyarwanda to English – Fast and easy to work with.
Kirundi to English – Export pdf dictionary on Kirundi.
Korean to English – Korean and English dictionary.
Kurdish to English – Top Kurdish translator for your computer.
Lao to English – The only Lao translator that works good.
Latin to English – Easy Latin to English dictionary.
Latvian to English – This dictionary works from time to time.
Lithuanian to English – Lithuanian to English and English to Lithuanian translator.
Luxembourgian to English – Text translator for Luxembourgian.
Malay to English – 22 000 words in Malay.
Maltese to English – This glossary have PC version.
Maori to English – Translate Maori for free.
Marshallese to English – Marshallese dead languages translator.
Mongolian to English – The only Mongolian dictionary that still exist.
Nepali to English – English to Nepali dictionary.
Norwegian to English – Multilingual dictionary for Norwegian language.
Urdu to English – Perso-Arabic language.
Punjabi to English – Translate many words simultaneously for free.
Papiamento to English – Online and Offline Papiamento dictionary.
Peshto to English – Translate Peshto to English.
Farsi to English – This tool will give you definition of Farsi words.
Polish to English – Translate Polish and other languages for free.
Portuguese to English – Technical and regular Portuguese dictionary.
Quechua to English – Quechua offline dictionary.
Romanian to English – Romanian software for translation.
Russian to English – The most popular Russian dictionary.
Scots to English – Easy tool to translate Scots.
Serbian to English – Serbian and many others Slavic languages.
Shona to English – Dead language dictionary.
Somali to English – Only 2000 words supported and no definition.
Sotho to English – Sotho translator with 1k words.
Spanish to English – One of the most useful tools for Spanish language.
Sranan to English – Most of the words waiting to be translated.
Swahili to English – This tool supports only Swahili language.
Swedish to English – Very important tool if you go to Sweden.
Syriac to English – This software can help you to translate Syriac.
Tagalog to English – Another useful tool for Tagalog.
Tajik to English – Tajik Alphabet and definition for all words.
Telugu to English – Old Telugu translator, but still works.
Thai to English – Human and Software translation for Thai language.
Tibetan to English – The last Tibetan to English dictionary that still works.
Tigrinya to English – Tigrinya dictionary.
Turkish to English – Turkish and Kurdish dictionaries.
Turkmen to English – Tool to translate documents and words in Turkmen.
Ukrainian to English – Very similar to Russian glossary.
Uzbek to English – Not so good Uzbek dictionary.
Vietnamese to English – English to Vietnamese and Vietnamese to English glossary.
Wallisian to English – Wallisian dictionary and translation service free.
Welsh to English – 2300 words to translate on Welsh.
Wolof to English – Wolof dictionary is no longer supported (most of the times).
Xhosa to English – I don`t know how this tool works.
Yiddish to English – First translation service from Yiddish to English.
Zulu to English – Learn to speak Zulu for free.

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