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Guinea Creole AlphabetGuinea Creole is the language of the Guinea Bissau, in West Africa. This language is related to the Creole of Cape Verde. The first spoken language of the Bissau Guineans is Kriolu. It is spoken by 190,000 people or 15%. There are also 600,000 or 45% who use this being the second language. Kriolu is the existing language of people having national identity. There are parts of Senegal that speak the language. Guinea Bissau considers Portuguese as official language. However, it is not frequently spoken by the majority.

Guinea Creole has been used by people of Africa, in the northwest coast. The language of the ancient creoles is Portuguese-based. Portuguese settlers and merchants have mixed and combined with different people. This is the reason why the language is spoken and known in other countries. Settlers and merchants have great contribution in influencing other people with different nationalities about the language.

Creole has three dialects in Senegal and Guinea- Bissau. These are the Cacheu-Ziguincho, Bafata, Bolama and Bissau. In Senegal, Creole which is the first language is spoken by 46,500 people. This is according to studies in 1998. Ziguincho also speaks the language. Cities of Casamance and The Gambia are also using the language.

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