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Seselwa AlphabetThis is a language that is spoken by many people. Seselwa is known as Seychelles’ official language together with English and French. This language has other names like Seselwa Creole and Seselwa French Creole. From the year of independence, government of Seychelles has developed this language. It has own meaning, codified grammar, orthography and script. In the year 1981, the Seychelles government established an institution called Lenstiti Kreol. This is a place wherein standardizing of the grammar and spelling of the Seselwa is developed.

In Seychelles, English is used as the official one in government and transacting businesses. However, Seselwa is commonly used in everyday conversation. The purpose of developing Seselwa language is the unity and good communication of the Seychelles people. Understanding of one another is very important. Because there is known language, people are understanding and have fluent and harmonious relationship.

Among the three languages spoken by people of the island Seychelles, Creole is the most spoken one. There are 95 percent who use the language. It has a total of 70,000 people. There are also 18 million people, writers and readers who use Seselwa worldwide when there are occasions. There are people of different countries who used the language. But the most familiar is the Seychelles.

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