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finnish alphabetFinnish is the language of Finland and ethnic Finns. There are two languages in Finland. These are all official. Finnish is the minority language of Sweden. In Sweden, standard Meankeili and Finnish are both Finnish dialects that are used and spoken by many people. There is also the Kven language. This is used by people of northern Norway.
Finnish is a member of Finnic language and is between of the agglutinative and fusional languages. This inflects and modifies verbs, numerals, nouns, adjectives and pronouns but of course, depending on roles and uses in sentences. Finnish is spoken of people around the sea of Baltic and Estonian.
There are several theories about geographic origin of the Finnish. It is believed that it originated in boreal forest around the region of Ural Mountains. The grammar and structure of the Finnish language has similarities on Uralic languages. Finnish is considered as level III. According to some people and language experts, this language is not easy to learn especially by speakers of native English. In Finland, Finnish is spoken by 89.3% population. While 5.3% speak Swedish. There is 0.04% population who speak the Sami languages. This means that the Finnish is the language that is majority used and spoken by people.




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