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alphabetFaroese is a language that is spoken in North Germanic. This is a native language used by 66,000 people. 45,000 of those people are residing on the islands of Faroe. 21,000 people in Denmark are speaking the language. Faroese belong to the four languages from ancient West Norse of middle ages. Other people like extinct Norn, Icelandic and Norwegian are intelligible with the Faroese language. This means that these people are aware of writing, reading and using the Faroese.

There are places that use and speak the Faroese language like the islands of Faroe. Denmark is also using the Faroese language. There are different languages in Denmark like Danish but there are minority languages and these include the Faroese.

Faroese language has 47,000 speakers in islands of Faroe. It is different from other language. That is why Faroese is unique and has own distinctive character. This first writing of this language appeared in 14th century. This is the reason why this language is known officially. In 19th century, the modern literature of Faroe has produced the first newspaper. It is in the year 1890.






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