Babilon Translator Widget and Plugin

google translate alternativeThis is a very powerful plugin that gives you opportunity to insert translation service like “Google Translate” into your WordPress based website. Translation is good, even more good than Google and provides 75 full supported languages.

Simple Installation
Download Babilon Translator Plugin from our website
Go to your WordPress Control Panel, select Plugins, Add new plugin and upload the zip file. After that just click “Activate” to active Babilon plugin for your website.

In “Settings” area of your site will find simple settings and help for our translation plugin. Just select the Languages you want to support and click “Generate Code”. After that copy the generated code into your page or post. Place you want to insert the translation service. Done! Your site have translation abilities just like Google Translate.

Soon we will provide more features, now the plugin is just a beta.
To protect our system from bots and other automatic software we set a password for download: Type “babilon” and then click for download.
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